I have started taking a tablespoon before I workout, and find that I have a lot more
energy! Siberian honey with a nice cup of tea warms my body up and helps me lose
more weight while I exercise! Before, I would wake up with muscle soreness!

Romi S., MD,

Using Siberian honey on different foods at breakfast is probably my kids’ favorite thing
to do. They won’t eat anything at breakfast like waffles or pancakes without honey, but
their favorite one is Siberian honey. The Siberian Honey has helped me get rid of acne
and skin irritation.

Lori M., OH,

To be honest, I don’t really like the taste of honey, but it is good for eliminating cough.
My skin and pores look amazing! I also use it for weight loss and it works! Siberian
honey is like magic or something. I use Siberian Honey as a face mask every night.

Greg C., ND,

Every morning before work, I used to drink a cup of coffee with a lot of sugar. My doctor
told me that the amount of sugar I consume isn’t healthy, so i decided to find a
substitute, Siberian honey. To my delight it tasted wonderful. I noticed that the pain from
arthritis in my hands was gone shortly thereafter. It has helped aches and pains and I
feel so much better.

Magi D., NY,

I am a very conscious person about my health. I realized that in order to stay healthy
you must get good honey. I used to get normal local honey but once I realized this one
exists, it changed my life and it tastes so much better. What I really loved about Siberian
honey is that it helped my sore throat get better and help me skin irritation problem.

Max D., CA,

We use a lot of honey where I come from. The honey here is great and all, but it’s
nothing compared the Siberian honey. The local honey tasted good but it doesn’t have
the same nutrients and vitamins as Siberian honey does. It’s much more healthy than
the local honey and helped me get through the flu season.

Ali M., FL,

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