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ELTECH Trade proud introduce "Siberian Honey"

ELTECH - is one of top importers and distributors of the organic Siberian honey in the US. We started our business in 2008 and have been growing exponentially since.

Our high quality 100% natural raw bee honey, not only tastes amazing but is considered super healthy. Our Siberian honey comes from an ecologically clean and untouched region of South Siberia on the Altai Mountains. A region filled with pristine lands, fertile ground, fresh and a harmonious natural habitat for bees to flourish. The Altai Mountains offer pristine lands where, for thousands of years, people live in harmony with nature.

The Altai meadows, medicinal plants and grasses along the icy mountain streams 100s of miles away from any industrial region are what separate our honey from the rest.

We offer 3 flavors of our natural, ecologically clean, unheated, unfiltered, unpasteurized, unprocessed and GMO-free honey; Premium, Buckwheat and Wild Flower. By leaving out all the additives our honey keeps all the nutritious pollen and propolis within our handmade pine barrel.

We believe our authentic honey should be available to our clients worldwide. Our distribution center is located in New York.


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Siberian Honey From The Altai Mountains

Our Siberian Honey is NON-GMO, pesticide, antibiotic and gluten free. By leaving our honey unfiltered, unpasteurized and unprocessed all the nutritious pollen and propolis fragments still remain. In essence our honey is directly from the bee to you!

Not only has honey been scientifically proven to have anti-bacterial properties, it is one of the most ancient nutritious products available with a super long shelf life. Developed in the Altai territory in Siberia this honey is gathered and sourced from the mountains to you!

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